Davao City Water District and Apo Agua Partner with BAWASA for Community Water Systems Solutions

Signing of a Memorandum of Agreement with the host barangays last August 25 during the Turn-Over Ceremony of Water Supply System Development Project represented by (L-R) DCWD GM Mildred Aviles, Baguio Proper Barangay Captain Joselito Cajes, Tawantawan Barangay Captain Ricardo Gierran, Tambobong Barangay Captain Exequil Salandao, and Apo Agua Operations Head Shake Tuason represented by External Relations Officer May Che Capili

The Davao City Water District (DCWD) and Apo Agua Infrastructura, Inc. (Apo Agua) have partnered with the Barangay Water System Associations (BAWASA) for a Water Supply System Development project that advocates for sustainable, community-based water systems solutions.  

This joint initiative which involves pipeline donations, dissemination of information, and capacity building will benefit the partner communities of the Davao City Bulk  Water Supply Project (DCBWSP). This is also part of DCWD’s TABAWI-TAMTAM Rural Water Systems Development covering the Barangays of Tawantawan, Baguio Proper, Wines, Tambobong and Tamugan. 

DCWD provided essential pipelines and appurtenances to Barangays Baguio Proper, Wines, and Tambobong while Apo Agua will do the same for Barangays Tawantawan and Tamugan. 

Approximately 20 KM of pipelines, along with crucial appurtenances, are provided in total to enhance the water infrastructure of host communities and improve the management and operation of their individual water supply systems.

The project was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement with the host barangays last August 25 during the Turn-Over Ceremony of Water Supply System Development Project witnessed also by Councilor Alberto Ungab, representatives from  DCWD, Apo Agua, and the Barangay Local Government Units (BLGU) of Baguio Proper, Tambobong, and Tawantawan.

External Relations Officer May Che Capili gave her message during the Turn-Over Ceremony highlighting the partnership between Apo Agua and DCWD for the CSR Projects to its host communities

“As we work towards completing the Part A Component of the Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project (DCBSWP) and delivering water across Davao City through DCWD, we also continue to look at opportunities to further contribute to our host communities. We hope that introducing these community-based water systems solutions in the area will help address their basic water needs in the interim,” Apo Agua’s External Relations Officer May Che Capili shared in her message.

In 2022, Apo Agua supported the Water Truck Initiative of DCWD to benefit over 5,000 households in the Second District. This year, Apo Agua expanded its support for the Water Truck Delivery service to the Third District, supplementing the water needs of barangay health centers for their sanitation and hygiene. 

First Water Truck Delivery last September 06, 2023 at Brgy. Tamugan Health Center

“We are happy with the collaborative work between sectors for our communities. Apo Agua donated a water tank to our barangay health center and weekly water delivery to support our water, sanitation and hygiene program especially during immunization of children and prenatal care for women. DCWD and Apo Agua also donated pipes as augmentation for our Brgy. Water System to help address our far-flung puroks and sitios’ daily water needs,” Brgy. Captain Ricardo Gierran of Brgy. Tawantawan shared.  

New Water Tank installed and weekly water delivery at Barangay Tawantawan Health Center to support their health and sanitation activities

DCWD and Apo Agua’s dedication to community development, water access, and sustainable practices is exemplified by its continued efforts to empower Barangay Water System Associations (BAWASA). DCWD and Apo Agua are actively working on the continuation of the project for other barangays included in TABAWI-TAMTAM, reflecting their sustained commitment to broader community impact.