1st Kavontog Do’t Aweg Award

Apo Agua Infrastructura, Inc. conferred the Kavontog do’t Aweg (Obu-Manuvu term for Hero of the Water) Award to its first ever recipient, Mutya Ng Davao 2019 Semi-Finalist Julia Nicole Culaste. Apo Agua General Manager Ones Almario (rightmost) conferred the award to Ms. Culaste with Stakeholder Relations Officer Aldwin Dumago (leftmost) and Community Relations Officer Jade Gamas-Chiu (second from left) last March 2 during The Coronation at the RMC Petro Gazz Arena in Davao City.

The award recognizes and celebrates outstanding individuals and organizations who advocate for the protection and preservation of the environment. Through her advocacy entitled “Addressing Environmental Health through Aquaponics: Teaching, Growing and Giving”, Ms. Culaste shares that “traditional farming uses 70% of the world’s daily water consumption. Artificial fertilizers pollute the soil and leech into our underground and surface water sources. Aquaponics is a water wise system that uses 95% less water than usual methods of farming. It utilizes a closed system and therefore does not harm our water sources.” With this, Ms. Culaste truly deserves to be called Hero of the Water.